Solution Focused Therapy

Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT)

A therapist who uses SFT invites the client to create a vision of what they want their future to look like. In their sessions, therapist and client explore ways to move toward the ideal future that the client desires. For example, the therapist may delve into when the client's current problem did not present itself, and what was different about those times. This creates an awareness in the client that the problem comes and goes, and that there can be times when it is gone entirely. The therapist may also work with the client to determine small steps or large changes that will bring the client closer to their ideal future.

By helping the client pay attention to the times positive change occurs, the therapist helps them move forward in their journey to their preferred future. The therapist also draws attention to the different ways in which the client copes with their problems, and the resources the client has, or uses. This increases awareness in the client that they do cope with their problem, and have resources available to them. The client then feels more confident that they can learn to cope better, and use their resources to improve.

SFT is designed to be brief, and focuses very much on the present, rather than the client's past. For many people this is a highly effective form of treatment.

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